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CoffeeHow.it is a project by Renata Zanon. It aims at increasing the quality of coffee-based beverages, the skills and professionalism of a barista. FB_IMG_1577728212540


Renata Zanon - Coffee Expert

I have been a barista since when I was fifteen years old. At first, I did it because I needed the money, but then it turned into a real passion. Since then, I have felt the need to know as much as possible about the products I was using while working, because I felt that the information I had been given by my senior colleagues were not enough. So I started learning, increasing my knowledge and travelling. My curiosity made me more and more aware about the coffee world: from its history to its growth, from the processing methods to the ways of serving. My passion eventually became pure love. Now my goal is to teach other baristas what I have learnt, through classes and professional counseling.